Song for Mom

from by The Wilson Thrills



This song is about my mom who has brain cancer. I have watched her go from hospital to hospital, doctor to doctor. The work that has been done for her is greatly appreciated. But there are moments where we have to understand doctors are only human and humans make mistakes.

It is very hard to watch someone you love go through all the things like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and loads of hurtful medication.

I got fed up with the phoniness of doctors and the medical world. You have to be stern with them sometimes and say 'no' to all the medications and treatments. It is a tough call, but you can't be taken advantage of.

Everyone fears dying and the medical industry uses that fear to pressure us into buying their medications and treatments. Buying them is one thing, but actually watching someone go through all that is more painful. This song is for anyone who is going through or has gone through a rare situation like this.



They just love to beat you up
They Just 'love' everything

Is it healing? Is it healing?
Or is it all interfering?

They just love to beat you up
They just 'love' everything

They just love to crack the skull
and pick apart your broken brain
They just love to beat you up
And they just say anything...


from The Wilson Thrills, released April 22, 2011



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The Wilson Thrills Birmingham, Alabama

5-piece rock band from Birmingham, AL. Their style of music is heavily based in punk rock, but due to a college education in music, it’s not surprising for songs to get a little complicated while staying under the 3 miin mark.

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